2D大域照明計算のススメ (2D Global Illumination no Susume)

レイトレ合宿3のアドベントカレンダー5週目の記事として, 2Dの大域照明計算についての記事を書きました (PDFです). 文章は英語ですが, 気が向いたら訳すかもしれません.

This article is written for the advent calender of the ray-tracing camp 3. In this article I introduced the 2D global illumination which is useful for the verification of the rendering techniques. In the first part of the article, I briefly introduced the theoretical concepts of 2D global illumination such as 2D radiometry and 2D rendering equation and pointed out its similarities between 3D counterparts. Next I described the implementation details of the 2D global illumination techniques focusing on some tips and pitfalls.

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